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Bi-Rite Market

Yep, it sounds like the kind of place where Andy Griffith and pals might have lollygagged over frosted glasses of ice-cream soda. But since 1964, this family-owned and -operated bodega has been a palliative for San Francisco's salubrious-minded foodies (and today, a great alternative for those who dig Whole Foods but prefer to support Mom and Pop). This diminutive boutique market specializes in organic produce, high-end breads, sustainably raised meats, fine artisan cheeses, and pretty much anything else you'd care to sink your teeth into. Whether you want something to nosh on while sunbathing in Dolores Park or need a few vital ingredients for that Friday night feast, it's the perfect place to sample succulent, always-fresh fruits or stock up on gourmet deli items to impress your fellow picnickers. While the ambience toes a line between bourgeois and rustic, stuff like organic bananas, mouthwatering muffaletta sandwiches, and biodynamically produced wines make the long weekend lines and semisteep prices well worth your time and moolah.

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