Best Homeless Tour Guide

Milton Aparicio

There are more than enough postcard spots to occupy a San Francisco tourist for longer than most tourists have vacation time. But behind the cable cars and the Russian Hill vistas lies the big-city socioeconomic stratification. That is the San Francisco that Milton Aparicio wants people to see: the blankets bundled beneath overhangs, the crowded soup kitchens, the optimism of job-training programs, the disillusionment of welfare check lines. Aparicio is a homeless man who takes people on walking tours of the Tenderloin. As he guides his guests through the city's underbelly, he speaks frankly of the drugs, the crime, the experience of poverty, and other hard truths. His narrative isn't some anti-capitalism, anti-government, or anti-rich people rant; it's a nuanced and sober perspective. The tours operate through travel website

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