Best Homemade Kimchi

Park's Farmers Market 2

It's not the only produce market on that block, nor even the only Park's Farmers Market in the neighborhood. There's nothing particularly special about the selection of fruits and vegetables, though some locals won't shop anywhere else. But the store does sell delicious, homemade kimchi for less than $7 per quart jar. It's made by a friend of the owners, who's been using the same recipe for three decades. The kimchi is fermented to perfection, so pressure will have built up in the jar, which is wrapped in two plastic bags for a reason — be sure to open slowly and over your sink. Mind-broadening classical music via KDFC makes every shopping trip a pleasant one, and there are large pictures of ballet dancers behind the counter for you to peruse as you stand in line, a well as the poster for every Pacific Orchid Exposition since 1999. Veggies (fermented and otherwise), classical music, and ballet: high class meets high fiber.


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