Best Homemade Veggie Burger

KK Burger at KK Cafe

Layered two patties high and fried to a gratifying crisp, the KK Cafe veggie burger is neither meat- nor health-conscious. But whoever ordered a burger for health reasons? Veggie burgers may contain a careful balance of vegetable and grain, but at heart they're still meant to mirror classic American fare. While many food joints serve Gardenburger or Boca brand meatless burgers, chefs in far higher-priced restaurants throughout the city have attempted to make their own veggie chuck. But the best vegetable combination, the burger with the most delectable crunch, comes courtesy of perhaps the most unlikely of settings: a small, unassuming walk-up. And it costs just $5.50. The garden burger patty is made of carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, and radicchio. It is simply adorned with the usual accoutrement, between two soft buns, nestled in a bed of thick fries. The satisfaction comes immediately, after the first meaty, meatless bite.


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