Best Knife Shop

Town Cutler

Nothing cuts like a knife. And nothing cuts through a good time and straight into badness like a dull edge, or worse, the wrong blade for the job. Peeler or parer, Santoku or steak, shop proprietor Galen Garretson will breathe new life into your favorite chef's tool via a time-honored, multiple-stage sharpening involving Japanese whetstones and a classic leather strop for under $20 and in 15 minutes, while you browse the shop's selection of antique and rare knives. Garretson's customers include some of the famous names in San Francisco's restaurant world, where he once plied his trade in commercial kitchens. So comfortable is Garretson with his niche that he even gives the knowledge away, hosting monthly sharpening classes where students learn the chemistry of steel and what actually goes on when knives go under the knife. Careful with that razor's edge: You may end up shaving with the butter knife when you're through.


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