Best Live Magazine

Pop-Up Magazine

Want another example that the print world is dying? How about the fact that the best new locally based periodical can't be held in your hands? Hell, it can't even be viewed on the Internet. Pop-Up Magazine is the world's first live journal — an irregularly held event that takes place in front of an audience. Each show unfolds like an actual magazine, starting out with people reading short pieces and then others offering longer features, covering art, literature, science, and politics. So far, Pop-Up has sold out all three of its events almost immediately, even as the venues have increased dramatically in size. (April's event took place at the Herbst Theatre.) Past contributors have included such varied luminaries as former Dwell editor-in-chief Allison Arieff, foodie kingpin Michael Pollan, award-winning documentarian Sam Green, Los Angeles Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne, and our very own music editor, Jennifer Maerz. Perhaps it's only a matter of time before SF Weekly goes live as well.

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