Best Magazine Selection

Cafe de la Presse

When you're jonesing for a little bound-and-glossy action and Time, Newsweek, and Tiger Beat just don't do it for you anymore, head to the city's premier Parisian bistro and take in the dazzling selection of high-end magazines from around the globe. Some 300 periodicals, most of them European fashion magazines dripping with style and attitude, are displayed in burnished mahogany bookcases, ready for perusal and purchase. Nothing goes better with cafe au lait and croissants than the latest issues of Nouvel Observateur, Femme Actuelle, or Paris Match; if you're in a more journalistic frame of mind there are two dozen newspapers as well, including The Jerusalem Post, London Review of Books, New York Observer, and Il Messaggero. There are sidewalk tables, an excellent wine list, and the fragrance of cassoulet from the kitchen downstairs, and if you avoid looking at the Chinatown gate across the street, you can imagine you're in the Fifth Arrondissement, Le Canard Enchaîné at hand.


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