Best Meta-Analogy For San Francisco Today

Logan's Run Chase Game

What Children of Men is to San Francisco child-rearing, Logan's Run is to life writ large. The 1976 film depicts an opulent world of beautiful people living the high life — until they turn 30. And then it's time to go. So, married couple Catherine Herdlick and Gabe Smedresman in February hit upon a delightful analog for our city when they executed a Logan's Run chase game in which participants fled and were chased about the city, starting at Yerba Buena Gardens and ending up near AT&T Park. Herdlick says that there was no intentional tying of the life of transitory pleasure and permanent adolescence in the film to the situation in our city. Any notions of a meta-statement on our twentysomethings' inability to grow up by having them all play a big treasure hunt game themed on an inability to grow up were unintentional.

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