Best Neighborhood Blog

Mission Mission

Imagine if your city newspaper had a story on a cool little piece of art that appeared on a local mailbox over the weekend. Then another one. And another. Would that paper survive? No, it wouldn't, so we guess Mission Mission won't be taking down old media any time soon. Run by Allan Hough since 2007, the site does a fine job covering the graffiti, stencils, and weird art that show up everywhere in the Mission, but Hough also does whatever the hell he wants, such as detailing the bust of a hot-dog vendor or wondering whether a woman in a photo is a streetwalker. After padding Mission Mission with posts from other blogs referencing the 'hood, the result is a irresistible slice of our favorite ramshackle but lovable neighborhood — nice for those who live there; even better for those who do not.

Full disclosure: Allan Hough, Mission Mission's mastermind, is a regular contributor to SF Weekly's music and arts blog, All Shook Down.

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