Best Neighborhood Dive


A dive, friends, is not measured by the number of out-of-order taps, shady characters slumped at the bar, or questionable stains. A dive is comfortable, a lived-in (or drank-in) space where regulars and bartenders can keep a running tab going back weeks in their heads and pretentiousness stays at the door for risk of being 86'd. Out on the avenues, there are patrons who have been ambling through Flanahan's swinging doors for decades who rub elbows with regulars of just a few months, everyone tippling at equal ease (although with so much Jameson poured here, there is a brown-colored spill or two). A narrow space dominated by a long bar in front of two dart boards, Flan's is the ideal spot for surfers and beachcombers to warm up after walking up from nearby Ocean Beach. And it's open at 8 a.m., early enough for true dive status.

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