Best New Gay Club Theme Night

'Tiara Sensation' at the Stud

The late, lamented “Trannyshack” drag club is credited with inventing what might be called “creative drag” or “art drag”; many of its acts involved independent music, genderbending unusual even for drag, and a new sense of inclusion. Instead of disappearing, though, the 'Shack seems to have replicated upon its demise, spawning many quality evenings — “Hot Boxx Girls” at Aunt Charlie's Lounge, “Pink Slip” at the Stud, “Charlie Horse” at the Cinch, and “Follies” at Marlena's — enough to keep a true fan exhausted at work the next morning for most of the week. Our current favorite, though, is “Tiara Sensation” at the Stud. Every Monday from 10 p.m., you can belly up to the craft table and fashion yourself a diadem, crown, hatlet, or eyepatch, if you can't hack the engineering of an actual tiara. The good organizers, led by Miss Mica and the truly incredible DJ Down-E, provide the quality stuff, such as paper plates, glue, tape, and ribbon. Then come the enthusiastic, clever, and highly stylish performances, sometimes followed by an open stage, the drag equivalent of karaoke. The best part: As you look around, almost everyone in the room will be wearing a tiara.


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