Best New Internet Radio Station

Best Frequencies

You need sounds to fill your headphones during the ever-long days. But Pandora is lame, Spotify is labyrinthine, and normal radio mostly sucks. San Francisco offers no shortage of local web-streaming stations, of course — but its newest is arguably its best. Best Frequencies Forever, aka, is a 6-month-old Internet radio station operating out of the Secret Alley, an informal artist space in the Mission. Most of its programming is music — glorious, diverse music, chosen by the sorts of people willing to donate hours of their time every week just to play songs they love. The variety on hand is pretty stunning: There are shows dedicated to lurid '90s R&B, classic indie rock and punk, straight-up pop, funk, reggae, and brand-new stuff of all stripes. But it's not all music. Local blogger Burrito Justice has a talk show about local history and neighborhoods. Starting this month, SF Weekly kicks off its own talk and music show, too, every other Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m. Which may be partly why we think is the best new Internet radio station in town. But it's certainly not the only reason.

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