Best New Thai

Lers Ros

Some of the best Thai food San Francisco has ever known is being served at Lers Ros, whose clean, modern room is an inviting setting for its sophisticated, freshly prepared dishes. Everything is good, but favorites include succulent pork dishes, including kao kha moo, pork leg stew perfumed with five-spice; pad kra pow moo krob, chewy pork belly; delicately prepared fish such as whole fried trout and steamed whole bass; and specials including sautéed pig's liver and roast rabbit. The huge menu (more than 120 dishes) offers appetizers (try the chunks of fried garlic frog), salads (including crisp shredded green papaya in a spicy lime dressing), soups, coconut milk curries, and vegetarian dishes. Almost everything costs under $10, except for the rabbit and the whole fish dishes. And if you live in the neighborhood — Lers Ros delivers! Open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.


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