Best Patio Dining


From the outside, Arlequin looks like a pleasant small eatery, with counter ordering from a big wall-mounted blackboard menu, a refrigerated case full of drinks, and casual seating at a few simple wooden tables and chairs. But head back through the glass doors and you're Alice in Wonderland. There's a delightful, spacious free-form flagstone patio, tucked under tall trees and bordered with lush plants, with twice as much seating as is available inside, at small metal cafe-style table and chairs. It's an especially pleasant setting for a leisurely weekend brunch. Arlequin stays open until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday (an hour or two earlier on the weekends) — perfect timing if you want to dine on good roast chicken or a spiced lamb burger before a concert, ballet, or opera just a few blocks away.


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