Best Picnic Supply

24th Street Cheese Company

We've learned our soggy lesson well: Fickle microclimates make it impossible to plan a picnic in advance. So when the sun breaks through, we have to be ready to grab the checkered blanket and get to the park on a moment's notice. A pit stop at the 24th Street Cheese Company makes Bay Area picnicking possible. It's not just the place's impressive stockpile of cheesy delights — the wall behind the counter has everything from crumbling Stiltons to creamy monastery-made blends — it also boasts a decent selection of wine and beer, plus crusty breads, an assortment of olives, Euro meats, and sundry bourgie staples. To satisfy the sweet tooth, the shop has homemade truffles and imported chocolate, too. Now if it would only stock umbrellas.


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