Best Place for a Blind Date

Foreign Cinema

A successful first date is a dicey proposition. You have to be funny, but you can't be a clown. You have to be smart, but you can't be a know-it-all. And, above all, you have to pick the perfect restaurant. That's why Foreign Cinema is such an excellent venue. The food is moderately priced and tasty, and finding the Cinema's nondescript facade in the heart of the Mission will prove you know the lay of the land. You can break the ice with a couple of highballs at the connected Laszlo Bar. If things don't seem promising, request a table in the courtyard where the foreign films projected on the wall are a good distraction. But if you're hitting it off, take a seat inside, where the movies are just background ambience. There, you can snag a dark corner and get to know each other against the romantic backdrop of an imported classic. Should cupid's arrow strike, partake of the full oyster bar (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Ah, love.


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