Best Place for Whiskey in Peace

Blind Cat

You’re looking for good whiskey in a quiet place. The Internet will point you to Nihon Whisky Lounge, Rye, or Bourbon & Branch, all of which have the selection. But they won’t always be quiet — and don’t ask about the prices. Luckily, Blind Cat sits tucked away on 24th and Treat. There’s no name on the sign, just a minimalist cat face, complete with Xed-out eyes, so it makes sense that some locals still refer to the place by its former names, Treat Tavern or Dirty Thieves (of the Whiskey Thieves’ bar trilogy). Inside the small, moody bar, the drinks are stiff and the bartenders knowledgeable. Blind Cat is known for its specials (Chilaquile Bloody Mary Monday afternoons, occasional supply of Old Style tall boys) but even if you just ask for something neat, they’ll deliver. The mere fact that you can get multiple ryes (including the increasingly rare Old Potrero) here speaks to a much larger whiskey selection than the average Mission dive. Call it whatever you want, just don’t blab about it with too many. Wouldn’t want to create a line for that Demolition Man pinball machine, after all.


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