Best Place to Boogie With Celts

An Bodhran

In a city rife with Irish watering holes, it's exciting to find one that stands apart from the rest like An Bodhran (pronounced Bah-ron). This bar, named after a traditional Irish drum, is unique in its energy and the diversity of its patrons, to say nothing of its weekend nights that feature pumping techno music not commonly found in Irish bars. While the décor is markedly authentic, with its smoke-stained walls, low ceiling, and subdued lighting, the clientele includes a disparate crowd comprised of not only Irish expats but equal numbers of Americans, Brits, and even the odd Scot, happily commingling under one roof. On weekends, the dynamic in the room and on the dance floor is something of a 21st-century caeli, a modern version of the almost chaotic, frenzied dance practiced in Ireland for millennia. If a quiet evening out is more to your liking, stop by during the week for two nights of live traditional Irish music, a quiet pint, or a shot of the elusive Irish whiskey Tullamore Dew.

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