Best Place to Compare Coffee Microroasters

Bi-Rite Market

Most of the Bay Area's small-batch, artisan coffee roasters sell their beans out of the back of the shop or at a handful of widely scattered cafes. A coffee geek in training either has to do an awful lot of driving to compare wares — or simply walk to the coffee shelf at Bi-Rite. Sam Mogannam stocks more than half a dozen Bay Area microroasters, some of which are almost impossible to find within city limits: Ecco and Barefoot, De La Paz and Equator, Four Barrel and Ritual. The coffees are fresh — many are delivered within a day or two of roasting — and there's little to no markup over what you would pay if you bought direct. Another bonus for those of you who've left Four Barrel empty-handed because you didn't have enough cash: Bi-Rite accepts credit and debit cards.


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