Best Place to Find Narcocorridos


Discolandia is one of those music stores somebody can wander into, hum a few bars of the Latin song that you've been looking for, then wait as the helpful shop keeper rushes around to find the right CD. Chances are good that Discolandia will not only find the right version of the song but will even offer to play it in the store — so you can hear for yourself that perfect rendition of “Historia de un Amor” by Eydie Gorme y Trio Los Panchos before buying it. The store stocks an amazing assortment of music from Mexico and throughout Latin America, not to mention Spanish-language magazines and Spanish greeting cards. There's a sign out front that the business is for sale, but we can only hope that whoever buys it will leave everything exactly as it is. Because frankly, the Mission District just wouldn't be the same without Discolandia.


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