Best Place to Make Your Own Wine


Whether you're a wine connoisseur or vineyard pretender, Crushpad is an urban DIY winery in Potrero Hill that welcomes all types. At Crushpad, you don't actually get to stomp grapes in barrels, but hobbyists and newbies can make their own bottles of wine at $19 a pop (or $5,000 for 300 bottles) and get some knowledge on blending their favorite varietals, identifying tastes as diverse as cedar and dirty sock, and determining corking preferences. It's a little like a high school chemistry class (you even get to use beakers and graduated cylinders), but here, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor over cheese and chocolate. Regular parties, plenty of barrel tasting, and the chance to churn out your own wine for about a third of the price of a comparable store-bought bottle comprise the many perks. And of course, having your own Domaine fill-in-the-blank label will give you one more item to cross off your to-do list.


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