Best Place to Put a Spell on You

La Sirena Botanica

Gods and spirits are fickle things. One day, everything is falling into place in your life; the next, everything is falling onto your head from above. One way to get your aura in order and start putting out positive energy again is to dress a candle in essential oils and burn it the proper way to dissipate any negative energy that might be dragging you down. Nobody can explain just how to do it and why the burnings work magic like proprietor Mary Ehm, spiritual adviser and Santeria priestess. Not sure what's ailing you? Sit down for a reading — starting at $50 — and figure out how to make obstacles disappear. Stock up on gold dust; black and white salt; and an array of incenses, oils, and other key ingredients for your spell of spirituality, whether it's for love, peace, or a parking spot.


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