Best Place to See Naked Men

Jane Warner Plaza

Sometime last year, nudists started descending on the very visible parklet at Market and Castro streets, quite the spectacle for the tourists disembarking from the F-Line. On a nice day, expect a rotating cast of a dozen nudists to show up to read, drink coffee, or just shoot the breeze while brazenly feeling the breeze. The men — yes, all men so far — even voted to informally rename the plaza the Buff Stop after themselves. Some residents complain that the nudists are giving the gay Castro a bad name, but others applaud their only-in-San Francisco exhibitionism. (Local law allows officers to arrest nudists only if someone will sign a citizen's arrest card, which rarely happens.) Actually, a year after the nudists' arrival, the most common response to them is mere ambivalence toward the new feature in the city's, er, landscape.


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