Best Professional Fanboy

Andrew Farago

Andrew Farago spent the last 12 years working his way up from front desk volunteer to the curator of the Cartoon Art Museum (655 Mission at New Montgomery, 227-8666), but his friendship with For Better or For Worse creator Lynn Johnston is what really impresses his mother and mother-in-law. “She's kind of a rock star for Midwestern moms.” After earning a degree in Studio Art from Colorado College in 1998, Farago lit out for San Francisco in 2000. On his first day at the museum, Farago met his future wife, fellow volunteer Shaenon K. Garrity. He points out that Garrity, a full-time cartoonist, is “pretty much perfect.” So is his job, which includes scouring the world in search of the best cartoons and comics. “Looking at original artwork, talking to my favorite cartoonists, traveling for conventions and festivals and other exhibitions — those are all major perks,” admits Farago, who has curated over 100 exhibitions. Farago admits his life, which also includes writing for Marvel Comics and authoring The Looney Tunes Treasury, is the stuff of boyhood dreams, but contends there are drawbacks. “If I never had to do paperwork again, it would be perfect.”

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