Best Public Restroom

New People, level 2F

There's a lot to love at New People in Japantown. The cafe on level 1F offers delicious, locally sourced fare such as Blue Bottle Coffee, organic hot dogs from Underdog, and Japanese gourmet rice balls by Onigilly, while the store on level M stocks impressive books, gifts, and gewgaws from Japan and elsewhere. Then there's the theater on level B, which shows the best in international cinema, be it new work by Jean-Luc Godard or the blockbuster Japanese Gantz films (in both subtitled or dubbed versions!). But, for some, the real magic waits on level 2F. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright offers the latest in Gothic Lolita fashions, while the newer h.NAOTO store sells darker wear to the spookier at heart, and Sou-Sou is the one-stop shop for all your cloven-footwear needs. And after you make your purchase, complete the experience by visiting the single-seater restroom with its moodily low red lighting, baroque-framed mirror, wall illustrations of creepy Shining-esque twin girls, and most importantly, its heated Toto Washlet. It's not the only one on the premises, but though the restrooms on level B offer the same plumbing, they lack the unique ambience of the 2F restroom. And, please, let's help to keep it clean.


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