Best Punk Rock Art Shows

Needles & Pens

You might think of Needles and Pens as the best place to get a plethora of zines, handmade clothes, quirky jewelry, and weird knickknacks, but the far left corner of the store consistently plays host to the kinds of exhibits other cities' punks and underground collectives only dream about. Standout shows have included the “Maximum Rocknroll Photo Show” — where work was for sale for as little as $35 — and renowned indie photographer Chrissy Piper's “Three Records” exhibit based on her zine of the same name, which also featured gorgeous portraits at bargain prices. Needles & Pens is the shopping embodiment of DIY culture — but so is the art that it chooses to display. Plus, since it's a store, there's never a charge to get in. And art doesn't get any punker than free.


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