Best Radio DJ

Stereo Steve, KUSF (90.3 FM)

Fridays were made for loosening up the brain stem from its gnarled roots in the work week. Every Friday from noon until 3 p.m. (at which time he co-hosts the guest DJ hour), Stereo Steve takes over the independent airwaves and pilots a sonic vacation far away from formulaic rock song structures. The KUSF vet plays free jazz, garage-rock nuggets, and the stonier side of punk and metal. He time-travels through multiple eras, mixing '60s bands with their progeny in the '00s, the connecting thread being an experimental and/or psychedelic vibe to the music. Expect playlists featuring underground cult bands like Japan's Hendrix-styled Foodbrain alongside modern noise-metalers like Wildildlife. Start your weekend wanderlust early with Stereo Steve's explorations into truly adventurous music.

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