Best Reason for Warriors Fans to Remain Skeptical

Fresh Talent

It's peaches and cream right now, but what about next season? Here's a grim scenario: Baron Davis starts to sulk after the Warriors go 6-23 in the first two months. He refuses to shave his beard and antagonizes teammates by giving them insulting nicknames. Jason Richardson becomes “J-Poor,” since he makes $4 million less each year than the Baron. Zarko Cabarkapa is dubbed “Wonder Years” due to his striking, if outsized, resemblance to former sitcom star and current has-been Fred Savage. And Adonal Foyle, for obvious reasons, is renamed “The Ambassador.” Before Davis completely sabotages the team, he pops a disc and goes on IR for the rest of the year. The Warriors play scrappy to finish the season but end up at the bottom of the Western Conference. Coach Mike Montgomery quits. Mullin realizes he's mortgaged the future and retires in shame. Chris Cohan sells the team, and the Warriors move to San Diego. The Ambassador returns to the Grenadines to plot a coup. Short of such dire circumstances, there's still lots of room — as even Warriors die-hards know — for things to fall apart.

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