Best Rock-Music Club DJ

Neil Martinson

Even in this day and age, when the White Stripes battle Justin Timberlake and OutKast for chart supremacy, there aren't a lot of clubs where it's cool to dance to rock music. Sure, the kids at the Arrow Bar will slap some Billy Squier or AC/DC on the decks, but there aren't that many spots where you can seriously rock the party. Thank God for Neil Martinson. Since March 2001, Martinson has been showcasing his vintage rock collection at “Smile,” a Sunday night party that's currently at the Hush Hush (and free). Martinson favors '60s and '70s rock with handclaps and hard riffs, big beats and sweet strings. But unlike many ultra-cool DJs, he's not above playing well-known artists like the Beatles and the Kinks — or anything else that will get the crowd dancing. Plus, he always seems genuinely happy to see you, even on those rare hot nights when his trademark suits must be cooking him alive.

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