Best Rock 'n' Roll Bathroom

Bimbo's 365 Club

It's rare to look forward to going to the bathroom at a rock show, but Bimbo's is definitely the place to be when guitars and nature call at the same time. An Art Deco marvel in North Beach since 1931, Bimbo's doesn't leave its class at the bar with the sharply dressed staff. There are also sharply dressed attendants in the bathroom, waiting to hand over a towel when you're done with your business. And there's more to these faucet fairies than mere nostalgia for a time when people still had manners — with someone staffing the sinks, concertgoers are much less likely to act like filthy pigs. And did we mention the mints on the counter and foot flushers in the stalls? The women's room is even grander than the men's, sporting four vanities, a three-way mirror, and a couch. The whole experience is enough to get you to the show on time just to hit the can twice before the headliner goes on.


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