Best S.F. Historian

Chris Carlsson

Left-wing intellectual Chris Carlsson is often accused of being the person who “started Critical Mass.” He won't give a straight answer to the question, if asked, because there isn't one. He won't back away from it or disavow Critical Mass, either, usually instead encouraging people to see what it's like for themselves. Another of his long-running projects is ShapingSF, essentially a DIY history of San Francisco. Again, he encourages everyone to participate, with the idea that one person's account of an event is as valuable as another's, in many ways. He's used various technologies through the years to accomplish his goals: We can remember when it was a CD-ROM, with kiosks set around the city in libraries and bookstores. This year, though, ShapingSF went wiki, with the help of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, and changed its name to FoundSF ( Read, edit, and contribute as you please to the more than 1,250 articles.

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