Best Sandwiches

Roxie Food Center

You enter what looks like an ordinary, even unpromising, corner store that specializes in liquor, cigarettes, and a fridge full of soft drinks. But hidden behind a tall counter is a man — sometimes two — who keeps busy all day turning out big tasty sandwiches, made to order. Choices abound: seven kinds of bread (Dutch crunch, wheat roll, Spanish, Italian, sourdough roll, sweet French roll, extrasour hard roll, brick oven hard roll) and many cold cuts, in any combination, as well as Polish sausage, tuna, turkey club, or BLT. And oh, what a friend we have in cheeses: American, cheddar, jack, pepperjack, provolone, Swiss. Every one can be served hot or cold. There are probably millions, if not billions, of possible combinations. We recommend the Roxie special: ham, salami, mortadella, American and Swiss cheeses, and the genius touch of marinated artichoke hearts.

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