Best Secret View of the City

Tank Hill Park

Our first experience with Tank Hill included the following exchange: “Simba, everything the light touches is yours.” So we asked, “What about that foggier, shadowy place?” The answer: “That is the Sunset — it is always a dark place.” Tank Hill offers a panoramic, 360-view that stretches from Oakland to Golden Gate Park, a view that, after you huff and puff up, can intoxicate you with power and achievement: We are the fortunate ones who have the pleasure of calling this city home. Besides the stunning view, the hill features rock outcroppings that were formed on the ocean floor about 130 million years ago, making it San Francisco's oldest natural feature. These little formations serve as natural thrones as we gaze out over the vast and breathtaking view. Yes, everything the light touches is ours, and this spot reminds us how big San Francisco really is.


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