Best Setting for a David Lynch Remake of Carrie

The Make-Out Room

There's retro kitsch … and then there's just plain weird. The Make-Out Room's choice of interior design most definitely falls into the latter category. With its prom-gone-wrong decor (streamers hang from the ceiling like innards from a piñata that was gutted in the late '50s, then forgotten and left to rot in grandma's basement), the Make-Out could almost be a rented party hall that got miraculously frozen in time. In a frosty-yet-hip part of hell. With PBR on tap. It doesn't matter whether there's a folksy Americana band, hip-hop DJs, or a poet reading her latest outrage onstage: Entering the Make-Out Room makes you feel like you stumbled into a surreal memory from someone else's brain. If Sissy Spacek from Carrie, Jack Nicholson from The Shining, and Jack Nance from Eraserhead were to get together for happy hour, odds are they'd meet here.


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