Best Short Short-Timer Mayor

Ed Lee

When longtime city bureaucrat Ed Lee was anointed as mayor, it revealed that power-play politics is alive and well in this city. Lee may yet give his naysayers an opportunity to shriek that he's doing the bidding of the powerful interests who guided him into office. But, in the meantime, he's been a breath of fresh air — because he's not Gavin Newsom. Rather than be photographed handing an oversize check to an aging supermodel, Lee stayed in City Hall and did his job. Lee met with people in his first few weeks who'd never sat down with Newsom. He pushed through the Twitter tax break (like it or not) — but without photo-ops. And, for a change, he's actually driving significant pension reform — instead of burnishing his laurels with measures that won't save a dime for 30 years. Who knows? Come January, we may miss Mayor Mustache.


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