Best Shot of Ouzo

Silver Crest Donut Shop

You may measure your true 415 cred by the amount of times you've strolled into the diner that “never close[s]” (as the sign says), sidled up to the bar, ordered a drink, and received a shot of ouzo on the house — without blinking, looking sideways, or feeling the need to keep an open line to flee for the exit. Silver Crest claims not to have closed since 1970 — not even on Christmas, not even after Loma Prieta — which is about the same time the decor or lighting was updated. There's a staff of about two here: one to operate the large, well-lit eatery in front that boasts dinner plate-sized donuts as well as a hand-painted menu that is also frozen in time, and another to run the small, dark bar area in back (which does close between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., but that's it). The patrons here are all regulars, so they'll suss out a newcomer in a moment. But take a deep breath, sip your drink, shoot a game of pool, and listen to the music coming from the boombox on the wall (unless they fixed the vintage juke recently). Next thing you know, it may well be 46 years later.

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