Best Shuffleboard Table

Fly Bar

If you're like us, and you appreciate the slap-happy singles style of Tony Gwynn to the deep-ball threat of Barry Bonds, then the shuffleboard table at Fly Bar on Larkin and Sutter is definitely your speed. It's like half the normal size of a regulation board — a standard enforced by the United States Bartenders' Guild — which means that placement and strategy take precedent over speed and power. It's also made huge wimps out of us — when we play on normal tables at El Rio or Boozeland, we cower in fear at the distance our weak little arms are expected to push the puck (a situation that only gets worse the more drinks we imbibe). Nah — Fly Bar, where you can also munch on some delicious wings and enjoy awesome drink specials, and its kid-friendly dimensions, is the place.

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