Best Solid-Gold Orifice-Fillers

Good Vibrations

There is no shortage of items of every price range to cram up one's every orifice at Good Vibrations. But, for those who've always desired to internalize an object priced higher than a Korean hatchback, look no further. The chain's Kearny Street branch houses a quartet of gold-plated LELO sex toys — under lock and key, mind you — with price tags of up to $15,000 (there is no haggling permitted). Store workers tell SF Weekly that these guilded dildos haven't exactly been big sellers. In fact, none have sold. But the object here is to draw customers within to gawp at the insanely priced fare and then purchase some of the sanely priced fare. A dildo here, a dildo there — pretty soon, it adds up to real money.


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