Best Spooky Singalong

Caritas Gothic/Industrial Karaoke at the Cat Club

San Francisco is a karaoke-happy town, and every night of the week, there's at least one club you can visit to get your rock star on. But what if you want to put on your finest black clothes and gloomily sing some Skinny Puppy or Nick Cave? If it's Tuesday night, get yourself to the back room of the Cat Club for Caritas Gothic/Industrial Karaoke. Caritas' killer app is its catalog of songs that aren't available as commercial karaoke tracks, including goth favorites like VNV Nation, Switchblade Symphony, and even defunct local band See Colin Slash. In most cases, the Caritas crew has removed the vocal from the original song as much as is possible without actually compromising the music, and synced up the lyrics subtitles. They've even created a few of the tracks themselves, such as four songs from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog — and that's definitely worth dropping a fiver in the tip jar. And while they do have plenty of commercially available karaoke songs — Nine Inch Nails and The Smiths are longtime staples, and San Francisco law apparently requires every karaoke playlist include “The Time Warp” — Caritas is there to satisfy anyone who needs to sing a song that's as dark as they're feeling on the inside.


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