Best Start-Up Trafficking in Groupon-esque Shopping


Far be it from us to peddle clichés, but plenty of conscientious Bay Area consumers would kill to know where freeze-dried açai berry powder, sustainable sushi-quality seafood, and baby clothes crafted from organic fabrics can be purchased for half their normal price. The answer is Blissmo, a San Francisco–based website dedicated to connecting benevolent businesses with the savvy consumers keen on supporting them. Headed by partners Sundeep Ahuja and Ian Johnstone, the 10-month-old operation offers time-sensitive discounts on products via daily e-mails, highlighting smaller businesses eager to gain exposure and score profits on their discounted products and services. Appropriately, a number of Blissmo's partners — such as organic chocolate trufflemakers Coco-Zen and Thirsty Bear Brewing Company — are based in Northern California.

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