Best Street Art Site

Gone Tomorrow SF

Founded by Maggie Pike, Gone Tomorrow SF offers coverage of that most ephemeral of art forms — homegrown street art — which is guided through savvy tech and a forward-thinking collaboration with the site’s own audience. Visitors suggest artwork, public murals, and temporary installations to be reviewed and contextualized by professional writers and art historians. Gone Tomorrow SF also offers a mobile-friendly map of artwork in several Bay Area locations for viewers to experience the living museum of street art in real time, and the site recently unveiled a mobile app initiative to provide users with a visual database of street artwork already wiped from the city. Taking a cue from the street artists it tracks, Gone Tomorrow installed cement tiles bearing scanner codes near the places where art once was, allowing users to sync up an urban space and the art that once distinguished it. For such initiative, Gone Tomorrow SF received an honorable mention by the NEA-Knight Foundation Community Arts Journalism Challenge last year, demonstrating that Pike’s site isn’t just a new approach to art — it’s a new approach to covering art, as well.

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