Best Sucka Free Bloody Mary

St. Mary's Pub

The true red and gold fans weren't out on Valencia after the 49ers downed the Falcons to make their first Super Bowl since Steve Young days. They were out in lowriders along Mission Street, popping in for a sip on a vinyl-covered seat at the time capsule of a bar at the top of the hill between the Excelsior and Bernal. Blessings from Santa Maria include the Santa Maria itself — a tequila, Chambord and agave nectar libation — and on weekends, when doors open at noon, there are the seven made-from-scratch types of Bloody Marys, with spins including chipotle, masala and sundried tomato and basil pesto along with the classic. If these don't soothe your aching soul and head from all the San Franciscans (Bulleit, Fernet and Amaretto) you drank the night before, nothing will. ­­­­


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