Best Sushi, Pool, and Keno

Peko Sushi

Sometimes you're in the mood for a game of eight ball. Or maybe you'd rather drop a few bucks on keno. Or have a stiff drink. Or a spicy tuna roll with a side of sashimi, and then maybe a round of karaoke. Irving Street's Peko Sushi has all this and more — darts, one of the most eclectic jukeboxes in San Francisco (from Abba to ZZ Top), plus a certain dive/sushi/Irish bar ambience that could never, ever be replicated anywhere else. But really, the specialty maki (the Hurricane, Dragon, and Caterpillar rolls in particular) are so huge and well crafted they make the trip worthwhile in themselves. Never a wait. Service is friendly. Please, Peko Sushi, don't ever change.


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