Best Sweet Potato Pie

Delancey Street Restaurant

The residents of Delancey Street's treatment program have been making this pie for 12 years for the foundation's restaurant. It is based on a recipe from somebody named “Sonny's Mother,” who hailed from Louisiana. But any other historical details about it have been lost. One thing is certain: There is absolutely no sweet potato pie that remotely compares to Sonny's Mother's. The bright orange filling contains hints of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and is decadent and rich enough to be a meal in itself. “It has to be healthy, doesn't it? It's a vegetable,” says Stephanie Muller, assistant manager of Delancey Street. The best part of all is its texture — chewy, as if the sweet potato filling had been caramelized. You can only get this pie at Delancey Street, or at its nearby sister restaurant, the pleasant Crossroads Café. But luckily, both joints are conveniently located near Pac Bell Park, for a post-game slice.

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