Best Tarts

Tart to Tart

We were sent to Tart to Tart in search of the best Linzer torte our friend had ever tasted, but on the day we were there, the in-house baker hadn't felt like making a Linzer torte. He had, however, felt like baking Key lime tart, mocha rum tart, chocolate pecan tart, raspberry lemon tart, and about six lush variations on a classic almond-paste base: among them pear, apple, toasted almond, and blueberry. A whole tart, at $19.75, would make an impressive dinner-party dessert, but we prefer to select an assortment, at $2.75 a good-sized slice. (If you feel like Linzer torte, call a couple of days ahead, and they'll make sure it's there for you.)

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