Best Tech Zine


VentureBeat is that happy marriage of technology, enterprise, and culture—a zine covering Silicon Valley startups and innovators for both the tech-savvy and -illiterate. Dedicated to helping business leaders, investors, and consumers make decisions on where to put their money, the site is the brainchild of Matt Marshall, an ex-correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and San Jose Mercury News who aims to tell the stories of entrepreneurship and tech innovation that major media can't cover or that specialized sites can't get to. VentureBeat dishes the most up-to-date information on the venture market, including news on products, trends, and more, but it shines most in its exhaustive and contextualized coverage on game-changing companies and the people who lead them. Stories are accessible and engaging, and the site is broken up into distinct beats, including coverage of green tech, gaming, mobile devices, cloud service, traditional and social media, and venture wheeling and dealing. With new companies launching each week, and new products hitting shelves, here's serious help making sense of it all.

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