Best Thing to Help You Love the Mission Again

David Ireland House

OMG, the Mission is so over. It's like the worst. The last time we ventured over there, we were run down by a Tesla, and some Dropbox bros stole our jump rope. If you're feeling similarly Mission-averse these days, you must check out the newly reopened David Ireland House. Ireland, a conceptual artist who died in 2009, left behind an occasionally cryptic but frequently hilarious body of work ranging from brooms tethered together (a piece that's in SFMOMA's permanent collection) to a jar filled with uneaten birthday cake. Obsessed with glossy, polyurethane-coated walls and the history of his own home, Ireland made high-speed recordings describing the skyline from his window and fashioned chandeliers out of propane cans. The 90-minute tours are $20 for adults, and reveal how San Francisco's singular practitioner of life-as-art operated for decades — a Duchamp in the midst of a decayed neighborhood that was then completely Tesla-free.

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