Best Tiny Urban Oasis

Patricia's Green

Urban greensward doesn't have to be as big as the Bois de Boulogne or Golden Gate Park to bring a hint of the bucolic to its citizenry. At half a block wide and a block long, Patricia's Green isn't large, but it's an absolutely charming place for the residents of Hayes Valley (and elsewhere) to get away from all of that encroaching asphalt. Palm trees and hedgerows enclose an oasis of grassy lawn, stone benches, brick paths, and picnic tables where slacker, white-collar, toddler, and soccer mom alike can relax in the sunshine. There are three water fountains (adult, child, dog) and a cool geodesic-dome-like rope-ladder jungle gym in blue and orange. Don't forget to check out the rotating display of public art; Karen Cusolito and Dan Das Mann's towering rusted-metal Ecstasy statue is on display through June 18.

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