Best Trendy Mission Eatery


Naan, tandoori, and chicken vindaloo are some of the delectables we associate with late-night (usually inebriated) visits to Indian eateries. What most people don't know is that these staples represent only the teeniest fraction of South Asian cuisine. Now Dosa — a recent addition to Valencia's corridor of international good eats — is introducing foodies to South Indian fare, known for its flavorful ingredients, including coconut, mustard seeds, and chilies galore. Owners Emily and Anjan Mitra have replicated the hotness of the dishes in their hip décor: walls in shades of tangerine and saffron, burnished hanging lamps, funky mirrors, and a spicy Bollywood mix playing in the background. The signature dosa is a finger-friendly crepe filled with everything from traditional masala to curried garden vegetables. Another notable treat is rasam, a light soup with a scorching kick, made of tomatoes, tamarind, and lentils. Cool yourself down with some organic yogurt stirred with a mixture of cilantro, coriander, and cumin. Be warned, however: The place is bustling and the wait is long. If you want authenticity, head to one of the hole-in-the-wall spots in Fremont or Cupertino, but for a singular dining experience with a glossier touch, Dosa's top-notch.


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