Best Underappreciated Neighborhood

Ocean Beach

A real neighborhood is starting to take root out at Ocean Beach. In a little over a year, the 'hood's anchors (Sea Breeze Cafe, Other Avenues, Thanh Long, and Java Beach) have been joined by a juice shop, Judahlicious; a tiny dining spot with great homemade cheesecake, Mango Medley; a surf shop that puts on indie-rock shows, Mollusk (see page 75); and an organic vegan restaurant, the Feel Real Cafe. It's even got a store peddling an $8,000 all-hemp mattress! But the area beyond the Outer Sunset isn't just about new merchants; rather, it's filled with laid-back folks who really dig this little space that borders the southwestern end of Golden Gate Park and the beach. Residents have access to the city's best nature walks as well as those brilliant sunsets. So c'mon, check it out: The fog isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be.


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